Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Rainbow Connection

The weather in Marburg can turn on a dime. Maybe the weather of all of Germany is a little wonky, but as a good scientist I know that I only have one data point and I shouldn't make gross generalizations based only on my experiences here in Central Hessian, tempting as it may be. Friday and Saturday were soggy, Sunday a bit drier, but still drizzling every now and then as the class slogged through the woods to the ruins of a thirteenth century castle:
We still enjoyed a quaint snack of plumb cake and coffee in a little restaurant near the run, despite the gloomy forecast and the skies roiling with clouds. One of the best moments of the weekend came when we arrived back in the center of town an saw a massive rainbow arching across the firmament. I could practically see the leprechaun scampering away from our searching eyes (though what a leprechaun was doing in Germany is anyone's guess).
Of course the combination of the umbrella and the rainbow really made the whole moment just, too picturesque to ignore...though I'll let you be the judge of the picture that ultimately resulted.

Tchuss (I'll add a bit more tomorrow)

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