Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Needs Bones

Happy Halloween! It feels weirdly un-Halloween-like right now, mostly because it isn't being celebrated. I think the holiday is treated in Germany the way we treat Cinco De Mayo in the States. No one is really clear what it's about, but it seems like a good reason to dress up and drink.

Anyway, at SVP two weeks ago, they showed a video called "We Are SVP." It's intended as an educational tool for the Society since "Vertebrate Paleontology" doesn't mean a whole lot to people. I usually have to clarify, "You know, stuff with backbones" blank look, "Like Dinosaurs and Wooly Mammoths?" "Oh, cool!"

Well, here's a video to let you in on the VP world. There are a lot of names and faces of scientists that I may have mentioned to you like Tyler Lyson, turtle and dino-mummy extrodinaire, and Dr. Luo, Mr. (or Dr.) Mesozoic mammal. Sam Waterson narrates, so you know everything in this video must be true. Enjoy!

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